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Hi! I'm Trish Cody and I am an Executive Awareness Coach and Speaker focused on optimizing results for business leaders. With over 20 years of experience as a strategic consultant for global initiatives with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, I've had the privilege and pleasure to have been able to work with senior level professionals and their teams in planning, designing, launching, and measuring the return for major initiatives.

My observations have convinced me that the need for leadership self-awareness greatly increases in importance the higher the leader’s position in the organization, but tends to decrease in capability as the leader moved up the ranks. Unfortunately, traditional leadership development doesn’t provide leaders with the necessary mindfulness and awareness tools, leaving a gap. My CoreIntergrity Leader programs, coaching and workshops are aimed at closing that gap.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner, I work with senior level leaders and business owners to help you get a clearer picture of yourself, who you are being in various situations, and how you are being perceived by others. I'll show you how to use this information to make changes that help you develop more trust and collaboration in your companies and teams, thus achieving better results.

I've spent over a 20 years in a variety of managerial, consulting, and development roles and I currently maintain a variety of professional certifications and advisory board memberships.

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, have been married to my wonderful husband for 25 years, have one daughter in college and a rescue American Foxhound named Harly, and I love to travel all over the world!













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